Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Winning Essay

Day 1
Island - Oahu
Activity - Outrigger Catamaran Sunset Sailing Cruise

I submit this entry to you Outrigger Hawaii and Conde’ Nast;
Titled Pancakes in Paradise are the Perfect Breakfast.
I thank you for this opportunity and chance of a lifetime occasion;
To submit to you an entry to win a most wonderful dream vacation.
This contest offers me a woman of most modest means;
A chance to offer my husband a fifth anniversary trip of his dreams.
Hawaii is an island that we have long wanted to visit;
This contest is a chance to discover our own island spirit.
You’ll receive many essays I am very sure of that;
So I wrote mine in rhyme to stand out from the pack.
Five years ago I did wed my perfect man;
And the most wonderful honeymoon alone did he plan.
It was a complete surprise to me and exceeded my dreams;
The contest submittal would be the perfect anniversary gift if it a winner you deem.
This trip to Hawaii would be a secret surprise;
With you Outrigger Hawaii and Conde’ Nast as my trusted allies.
Each day would be filled with activities that speak to our life;
A special anniversary trip planned for my husband by his wife.
With this introduction complete you now hopefully understand;
And I can now begin to submit to you my dream vacation plan.
My first activity is realistic although this my dream vacation;
We’ll be flying all day from our east coast location.
Because this our dream only flying direct will do;
But we will still arrive late in the day in Honolulu.
After navigating our way through paradise’s traffic gridlock:
There won’t be much time to relax or for even a short walk;
But Waikiki offers the perfect first start for this romantic anniversary trip;
For we will be scheduled for an Outrigger Catamaran sail at sunset.
The trade winds will carry us along the beach shore;
And will give us our first look at the island we will soon explore.

Hotel - Outrigger Waikiki Shore

Homebodies by nature we love to feel at home;
So we love to choose condos whenever we roam.
The Outrigger Waikiki Shore offers the perfect arrangements;
We get a lovely room on the beach with our own kitchen convenience.

Day 2
Island - Oahu

Activity - Dining at Roy’s Waikiki

Our first full day in Hawaii we will spend at the beach;
Recovering from our day of travel and feeling the sand under our feet.
We get reacquainted and begin to unwind;
If we need something it is only a short walk to find.
We venture across the street at the end of day two;
To enjoy a gourmet meal dining on local seafood.
Roy’s Waikiki is a destination all of it’s own.
His food is famous worldwide not in just this Hawaiian home.

Hotel - Outrigger Waikiki Shore

Now for more of the story why this condo I did pursue;
It is a direct reminder of our island honeymoon condo that my husband did choose.
On our honeymoon in Greece my husband presented me with a panoramic volcanic view;
At the Outrigger Waikiki Shore, the view to Diamond Head it just about the best you can do.

Day 3
Island - Oahu
Activity - Chai's Island Bistro

After a day of relaxing we will be ready for an adventure to start;
So we rise early and make our way to Diamond Head State Park.
A brisk uphill hike will offer us first time visitors a 360 degree view;
It will give only us more ideas of the many wonderful things Hawaii offers us to do.
Now to back to the car to hit the open road;
This is one activity that we choose not to download.
The day will not be planned just driving and stopping wherever we like;
Perhaps we will even stop at Matsumoto’s to enjoy a famous shaved ice.
Our drive may take us to waterfall hikes in the lush Koolau Mountains;
Or maybe to Doris Duke’s Shangri La’s gardens and fountains.
A day with no set plans means we can never be late;
Except if we dally too long and miss our wonderful dinner date.
As my activities selected you may notice a trend for fine restaurants;
As parents two young children this is not an experience have but an experience want.

Hotel - Outrigger Waikiki Shore

This condo has been perfect as we started our anniversary retreat;
We have truly felt at home and can now say we have ‘lived on the beach’.
This is our last night here and we bid it a fond adieu;
As we start on the next stage of our romantic rendezvous.

Day 4
Island - Big Island
Activity - Bottom Time Hawaii Manta Ray Night Dive

We awake on day 4 we’re not in a rush;
Still adjusting from east coast time we wake during the early morning hush.
The condo is perfect as our favorite morning treat we pursue;
Eating pancakes on a patio in paradise topped off with a view.
After our breakfast we take one last beach stroll;
Then the 11:00am flight to Kona as the next phase of our dream trip unfolds.
Lunch is first priority after on Hawaii’s Big Island we land;
Lunch in Captain Cook is a tribute to my British hubby’s own England.
We’ll stop at Manago’s for their famous pork chops with pickled seaweed;
A quick refill for an evening of sailing is all that we’ll need
Our activity is a once in a lifetime opportunity, that is what they all say;
So we choose to join Bottom Time Hawaii for a night dive with manta rays.
Although we’re both novices, we know we’ll be fine;
For the captain insists that even snorkelers will have an unforgettable time.

Hotel - Keauhou Beach Resort

I know what you’re saying you went against your word;
You’ve selected a hotel and not a condo like you said you preferred.
This hotel just seemed right and in the perfect location;
To spend our Big Island days of our anniversary dream Hawaiian vacation.
Bottom Time Hawaii’s dive shop is located close by;
Not like the other hotels with the at least 60 minute drive.

Day 5
Island - Big Island
Activity - Huggo’s Restaurant

Since we are not in a condo making our own breakfast;
We head out from the hotel to find a good spot to be a coffee shop guest.
We start the day enjoying huge cinnamon rolls at Island Lava Java;
The perfect carbo load for a day at Volcanoes National Park to see the hot lava.
The drive to the park is long but we’ve heard well worth the drive;
A chance to see Mother Nature creating new land will help us keep it all in stride.
After a day of hiking volcanoes we will a lovely meal want;
So we choose on this day to end it at Huggo’s Restaurant.
The perfect Kona oceanfront setting to finish out this very active day;
Fine food, Hawaiian entertainment and again enjoying Hawaii’s manta rays.

Hotel - Keauhou Beach Resort

Because this is our dream our room is in the purple zone;
A one bedroom oceanfront suite makes us feel on this island all alone.
With views past the breakwater and the tide pools below;
This resort is the perfect retreat for those in the know.
As this is our 5th anniversary and wood is the traditional gift;
A stop at the resort’s Kailuna Artists Gallery is the perfect fit.
The shop offers local crafts and fine Kona woodworking;
It’s so close we could shop for each other without each other knowing.

Day 6
Island - Kauai
Activity - Kauai Backcountry Zipline Adventure Tour

There is just one last locale on this dream Hawaiian vacation;
So it is off to the airport early to reach our final destination.
Although not included in a famous Iconic Hawaiian Trip;
I thought Kauai would be our final port of call best fit.
So we take an early flight to Lihu’e airport to arrive by noon;
Check in and a fast wardrobe change before the zipline tour at 2.
This activity was chosen because of our favorite TV show;
Survivor’s island castaways often have to zip with their feet dangling below;
Traversing a tropical mountainside with our feet high in the air;
The activity could only be better if Jeff Probst was there.
We end the night back at our condo mulling over what to do;
Perhaps we have dinner at Roy’s again but now in Poipu.

Hotel - Outrigger Kiahuna Plantation

Ranked second best island in the world by Travel and Leisure;
This condo’s wonderful beach is just one of its many features.
As this is the last stop on our dream getaway;
I wanted a condo that would let us just sun bathe our last days away.
This Poipu Beach resort offers the sunniest side location;
All designed with a nod to the Hawaiian history of plantations.

Day 7
Island - Kauai
Activity - Capt Andy’s Na Pali Sunset Dinner Sail

As I mentioned before in choosing this resort;
The last two days of the trip would be planned for the sun bathing sport.
We will have done so much and want to relax and reflect;
So we choose on day 7 to join Capt. Andy for his Na Pali Dinner Sail at Sunset.
A four hour cruise with great views and great food;
Can’t help but to put anyone in a wonderful and relaxed mood.

Hotel - Outrigger Kiahuna Plantation

As sunbathing and relaxing are our only things planned;
We will want a condo that keeps conveniences at hand.
Poipu’s shopping village is just across the street;
At lunchtime we can grab a Rum-Guava Burger at Poipu’s Tropical Burgers to eat.
If we want a break from the beach and want something else to do;
The hotel offers many activities from which you can choose.
We could relive our youth and enjoy the great water slide;
Or we could grab a towel and chair and move our sun bathing pool side.

Day 8
Island - Kauai
Activity - Smith’s Family Garden Luau

I thought that there would be no better last activity to plan;
Than after a day on the beach to attend the Best Luau on the island.
On our last night in Hawaii we will travel to the gardens of the Smith Family;
A garden located in the sacred Wailua River Valley.
To attend the most famous of Hawaiian celebrations;
A luau that has been presented by four generations.
An evening of dancing and music topped off with a feast;
One last Hawaiian aloha before we head back to the east.

Hotel - Outrigger Kiahuna Plantation

This condo will be perfect as we complete our Hawaiian jaunt;
A breeze cooled oceanview room at a resort that can fulfill all our wants.
The carefree and relaxed atmosphere will be the perfect final setting;
To end a surprise anniversary trip that we will not be soon forgetting.
On the long flight home we will have the perfect souvenir to keep us from being sad;
For we will have our Postcards from Paradise to remind us of the wonderful time we had.
Outrigger Hawaii and Conde’ Nast your websites have provided a wealth of information;
To plan a most wonderful surprise Hawaiian anniversary vacation.
Into this entry went a lot of time and care;
It seems as if I have already been there.
But alas this just a dream and I submit it to you;And respectfully ask that you make it come true.

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