Friday, April 24, 2009

Hawaii Day 7 - Sunset Cruisin'

Aloha from sort of sunny Kauai. The weather was supposed to be rainy with a potential of flash flooding but we have managed to stay clear of the rain. Hope our luck stays the same.

This morning we walked the grounds of this beautiful resort and came across two large gardens. One is full of only cactus and the other is full of orchids. The staff takes really great care of the landscaping. The resort offers an island orientation for everyone on their first morning at the resort. We sat in and enjoyed getting a local's perspective on the island. It definitely gives us more options if the bad weather develops.

Orchid garden on resort property.

Another shot of the orchids.

We didn't have to check into the sunset dinner cruise until 1:45 so we spent a couple of hours after breakfast on the beach and snorkeling. It wasn't the best beach weather but we made the most of it. After grabbing a quick lunch in the town of Koloa, we headed off to Port Allen to check into our sunset dinner sail of the Napali Coast. As you read yesterday this is an activity that I was really apprehensive about. I was even more nervous today because of the rainy weather. The rain held off and we actually had a beautiful cruise up and down the Napali Coast. I am attaching a video below of a view of the coast from the boat. I think that this experience is going to go down in the top 10 of our trip. I would recommend this to everyone. There is only one other way to see the coast and that is by helicopter. While the helicopter would have been spectacular, we both realized that the flight and tour would have been over in a short amount of time. Cruisin along in a boat gave us really the chance to enjoy the scenery and the sea life. We saw turtles, dolphins and whales. As a bonus they served a great dinner and served cocktails.

Two whales..mother and baby calf.

Baby calf whale.

View of Napali Coast.

Another view of coast.
Second sister ship of Capt' Andy - duplicate the boat we were on.
Intrepid couple at sunset.
Tomorrow is our last full day and night in Kauai and we are hoping to spend some more time on the beach before we go off to the Smith Family Garden Luau.

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Loren said...

I have been enjoying your blog immensely. It is wonderful to see the islands through your eyes - you don't miss a thing. It all sounds so "doable" - and fun. And you strike the perfect balance between enjoying what each island has to offer as well the resorts themselves. I live here and have not seen half of what you have! You've got me planning a summer of island fun with my family.