Saturday, April 18, 2009

Waikiki Day 2

We woke to a beautiful sunrise or should I say dark of night at 4am. We tried unsuccessfully to get our computer problems fixed but after a couple of hours we ditched it for breakfast. We walked just up to the block to Eggs n' Things for a wonderful breakfast of a portugese sausage omelet and coconut pancakes. Delicious! All the morning stress melted away in a few quick bites. The plan was to head to Diamond Head State Park for a morning hike but by the time we got there the parking lot was full. We plan to try this again for tomorrow morning but arrive just a bit earlier.

Since we had already packed up our bathing suits and beach mats we drove off to the beach with the top down. I should mention that we decided to upgrade our rental car for a convertible and the day's drive has made it all worth the extra cost. This island is spectacular (get ready to hear that word alot) and the weather was beautiful. Since we had some extra time we decided to take the scenic route along the coast and head for Kailua Beach on Oahu's east coast.

The drive was amazing and when we made it around the Makapuu Point we saw a sandy cove with a beach we couldn't resist. So we parked at Makapuu Beach, changed into our suits, lathered up our extremely white bodies and planted ourselves on the beach. The water was amazing shades of blue and was crystal clear. The current was strong and the waves were pretty big. John enjoyed some bodysurfing along side quite a few boogie boarders. The quality of the water and the whole beach was so beautiful we both remarked that this would turn anyone into a environmentalist.

After a couple of hours, we got back in the car and headed onto Kailua for lunch. We enjoyed sandwiches at Kalapawai Cafe and changed back into our clothes for a scenic drive back through the hills to Waikiki. On the way back we took the time to stop at Nu'uanu Pali wayside park for a view back to Oahu's windward eastside. Words and the photo can't really describe the lush tropical view down to the east coast.

Now we are back at the hotel and cleaning up for our activity of the day - dinner at Roy's Waikiki. We have heard so many wonderful things about this restaurant and look forward to indulging our taste buds.

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