Sunday, April 19, 2009

Waikiki - Day 3

Aloha from Waikiki on Day 3.

We have our computer issues resolved so I am blogging from our beautiful room overlooking Waikiki Bay. Not too bad. I should also say that if the photos are too small, just click on them to enlarge to full screen then hit the back key to return to the blog.
Dinner at Roy's.

As we finished yesterday we were heading off to dinner at Roy's. This Waikiki favorite is just across the street from our hotel. The meal was great. I ordered off the prix fixe menu which meant I had wine selections with each item. This is truly a luxury and I enjoyed every sip and bite.

View of our beautiful hotel entry as we walk toward Roy's.

Happy and hungry couple outside Roy's.

Diamond Head.

This morning we got off to an early start and headed off to Diamond Head State Park for a morning hike. I should restate this again. This is a hike and not just a leisurely stroll and not to be undertaken in flip flops. I had read ahead and was prepared but there were many on the trail that were not so lucky. The trail takes you up 560 feet from the crater floor and is .8 mile long. You on the trail for quite a while and then when you think that you are almost there, you hit the stairs. There are a lot of stairs. You emerge at the top in a 1908 bunker and the view is amazing. Well worth all of the sweat. I was very happy that I had been hitting the treadmill in the weeks leading up to the trip.

Those aren't ants but people heading up the trail.

View of Waikiki from the top.

Did I mention there were stairs?

Happy couple enjoying a rest stop.

USS Arizona.

After the hike we drove over to Pearl Harbor to visit the USS Arizona Memorial. Once you arrive you watch a film that puts the whole memorial into perspective. The film is a great introduction to what you are about to go see. After the film you board a boat operated by the US Navy in their dress whites. I think seeing the sailors helps reinforce the signifigance of the memorial. Once on the memorial again you are greeted by a national park ranger who is there to make sure that everyone maintains a dignified while out on the memorial itself. The mood is somber and respectful. You can't help but imagine the 900 men that are still entombed below you. As a reminder of that day, there are still oil drips surfacing. John and I both thought that this experience was one that everyone who visits Oahu should have.

USS Arizona Memorial.

Look closely at oil surfacing.

North Shore - No show.

The plan after the morning activity was to drive to Oahu's famous north shore for a picnic on the beach. Unfortunately we ran into something that we Atlantan's know alot about - traffic. The scenery was great but the drive turned into quite a long trip and I was hungry. Let's just say that my blood sugar was a bit too low and my mood did not make the sunny weater. We made it to Waialua but the bakery known for their great sandwiches was closed. No problem, we walked up the street and enjoyed a pineapple hamburger, mahi sandwich and fresh made french fries. We went back and forth for awhile about what to do; fight the traffic to the beach or turn around and head back to the hotel. We were whipped and the hotel won out.

Dole Plantation. An unexpected pinapple pit stop.

We weren't expecting to come across this Hawaiian institution but when it appeared along side of the road we decided to give it a try. The Dole Plantation is home to a wonderful list of activities for families; a "pineapple express" train ride and the "world's largest maze" but we passed on these because we were simply too tired and wanting to get back. We did take some fun photos however and bought some pineapple chocolates.
Dole fun.....

We are now preparing for an evening of Hawaiian entertainment and fine dining at Chai's Island Bistro.

More to come tomorrow as we head off for the Big Island.

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